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Automotive Site For Sale – 13,000 Words Easy Competition

We have recently completed as real nice site based on a particular vehicle from a major vehicle manufacturer with some really nice content and very well put together.

The site is siloed and all the content is interlinked one way or another and is very Google friendly not only in the site set up but also content and image wise.

The content is as solid as one can expect as it is from our team and we only produce content that is rock solid and the keywords are fairly easy to rank as well.

Some of the keywords are perfect for Amazon and some would do very well for Adsense so you can make this a blended site if you wanted to and, had I decided to keep it that is exactly what I would do.

The Amazon products run from a low of $15.00 to a high of a little over $500.00 but realistically the average sale is going to be a tad over $100.00.  You should get some of the lower sales at $15.00 and change and you will probably get a few sales in the $5000.00 range but the majority of the products are in the $100.00 range.   The nice thing about a $100.00 product is that the purchase is an impulse one and your sales should be higher than normal relative to the traffic you send from your link.

Since the niche is automotive based you can certainly do more keyword research and come up with a bunch more products and really build this puppy out.  I could easily see this as a 75 – 100 page site with almost as many products which could get you tons of traffic.

Also, the site is pretty specific as to the brand and vehicle model so you are going to get people who are looking for something in particular and those people are usually ones with their wallet open, their credit card in hand, and looking to spend some cash.

You can drive traffic from a variety of platforms as well.  Adwords will be very reasonable based on the CPC, Facebook will have a bunch of groups you can join and share in, and there are lots of forums related to this niche and people that would be going to those forums and Facebook groups are dialed into their rides so they are going to have no issue spending.

There has been some minimal SEO, has a Youtube channel with a couple of videos on it and a blogger page linking in that has some nice links to it in order to make that a backdrop link for the site.  I could suggest other SEO for you and would even discount a few of my packages should you want to buy our SEO for it.

Here are the KWs we have in place now which are quite rankable:

You can see what is Amazon and what would work for Adsense there and, if someone goes to the site for KW 1, odds are they are going to be interested in some of the other pages which target the other keywords.

You can have this site in your portfolio for $1,350.00 and you should have it ranking fairly quickly.  It’s attractive, placeholders are there for your ads so you just replace them with your advertising and very easy to navigate.